EasiestElection mixers

Before the votes cast in an election run using the EasiestElection API are decrypted they are shuffled a number of times by a set of mixers. When the votes have been shuffled they can be decrypted and counted without anyone being able to see how a particular voter has voted.

The mixes are done by a number of different organisations and the most important thing is that these organisations are unlikely to work together to break the secrecy of the election. Each organisation which runs a mixer is not by itself able to break the secrecy of the election, only when all work together are they able to tell how individual voters have voted. Furthermore, each mix is immediately audited so that a mixer that tries to change votes in the election are found and can be removed from performing mixes in the future. Therefore it is important for an organisation which runs a mixer to remain honest.


    • Please note that EasiestElection.com is still in a non-functional beta mode. Check back regularly to track our progress.
  • The Easiest Election

    • EasiestElection helps campanies, organisations, online communities and anyone else to run secret, verifiable elections over the Internet. We provide an API which allows you to run the election on your website whilst benefiting from the security of the EasyElection system. In most cases you only need to add a few lines of code to get going!