Fair usage policy

Current fair usage of our API is a maximum of 500 votes per election. This is based on our current server resources and means that if you are going to run an election with a maximum of 500 voters you are free to use our API. If you wish to run an election with more voters we are very happy to work with you to organise this. The reason for this is not necessarily that our servers will not be able to handle it, but we want to make sure your experience and that of your voters are as good as possible. Please contact us if you have a question or suggestion or if you wish to run a large election.


    • Please note that EasiestElection.com is still in a non-functional beta mode. Check back regularly to track our progress.
  • The Easiest Election

    • EasiestElection helps campanies, organisations, online communities and anyone else to run secret, verifiable elections over the Internet. We provide an API which allows you to run the election on your website whilst benefiting from the security of the EasyElection system. In most cases you only need to add a few lines of code to get going!