Secret, verifiable elections over the Internet

There are times when companies, organisations and online communitites need to run secret elections, to elect officials or representatives for example. We provide you with an API which allows you to add election functionality to your current website, intranet or extranet. We are not talking simple polling functions but real, verifiable, secret elections which website owners nor anyone else can break or throw. In most cases all you have to do is to add a couple of lines of code. If you use the PHP or ASP programming languages or use the Joomla, phpBB or Wordpress content management systems, we provide code snippets for you to just copy into your code.

Run your election using our API

Running your election using the EasiestElection API can be as easy as typing in the contested positions and then copying a few lines of code into your website code. Your first step is to register and then to read our API instructions to get started.

Your vote is secret, but don't trust us...

To you as a voter the most important thing is that your vote stays secret, so that you can vote however you wish without fear of retribution. Secondly you have to be convinced that your vote is counted and that it has not been changed. EasiestElection builds on a number of years of research into the electronic voting system Prêt à Voter to bring your organisation secret, verifiable elections. We give you the power to check that your vote is included in the tally and that it is counted exactly as you cast it - all without anyone being able to find out how you voted.


    • Please note that is still in a non-functional beta mode. Check back regularly to track our progress.
  • The Easiest Election

    • EasiestElection helps campanies, organisations, online communities and anyone else to run secret, verifiable elections over the Internet. We provide an API which allows you to run the election on your website whilst benefiting from the security of the EasyElection system. In most cases you only need to add a few lines of code to get going!